Graphic art

Born in Palermo, Adriana Glaviano attended Brera Academy in Milan.
Illustrator and graphic designer for delight, at the beginning she devoted herself to fashion as a free-lance for "Condé Nast" and, later on, as a journalist for "Vogue Italia".
For the "Rizzoli Group" she worked for "Amica", then for "Io Donna" and further on for "Anna" as fashion vice-director.
She came back to "Condé Nast Group" as a fashion director for "Vogue Gioiello" and "Vogue Pelle".
In 2008 she designed "Cala di Volpe" collection for Tom Barrack’s Colony Group.
Today she is a free-lance fashion director and dedicates herself to illustration, graphic and publishing.

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